Cardi B put a lot of effort into becoming one of the best female rappers in the hip-hop industry, and her music has become popular all over the world. She is also a controversial figure for a good reason. It appears like Cardi B has also influenced her adorable daughter’s singing abilities.

The cute 4-year-old kid showed her singing abilities in a video published to the rapper’s Instagram Stories, much like her mother. Kulture appeared to beg for a song to perform in the video, which has subsequently been replaced with new ones.

According to People, Cardi inquired, “The Ra Ra song? How does the Ra Ra song go?” in the video. Then future Grammy winner Kulture performed an incredible cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”! Cardi then wrote how proud she was in the description.

My baby so pretty.

Cardi also has an 11-month-old boy named Wave with rapper Offset and she is zealously guarding them. The “Bodak Yellow” rapper recently responded to a Twitter troll who had claimed in a since-deleted tweet that Kulture was autistic. Cardi and Offset have dealt with online hostility in the past.

They admitted to Essence that it was one of the reasons they held out on revealing Wave’s name. Attempting to keep their children out of the spotlight is another aspect of protecting them. Check out the video below.

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