Cain Velasquez is only one month away from his pre-trial hearing at the Santa Clara County court. His attorney, Mark Geragos, seems to be prepared for the legal proceeding, but is remaining secretive about what strategy he’ll use. The star has pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charge.

Velasquez was arrested exactly 6 months ago on a bunch of felonies. With attempted murder also high up in the charges, Velasquez was set for a preliminary hearing on September 26th. Geragos talked with COURT TV and said that he doesn’t understand what the people in charge of keeping him in custody really think.

As we argued, not one or twice but three times on the bail hearings, he does not belong where he is, No. 1. And No. 2, the only victims here, which are his family, are the ones who really need him. It’s frankly perplexing to me what is going through the mind of the people who are seeking or who have sought to keep him in custody.

The UFC legend was denied bail three times. However, the man who Velasquez is accused of shooting for sexually assaulting one of his family members is still out. Harry Goularte is awaiting a trial that is set for September 20th.


Velasquez is facing accusations of shooting Goularte, who allegedly sexually molested Velasquez’s own four-year-old son. He opened fire on Goularte while he was with his family members, and got Goularte’s father on his shoulder, which led to a number of serious injuries.

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