Darby Allin is a former and longest-reigning AEW TNT Champion, so he knows a thing or two about taking risks. That doesn’t mean he has everyone’s support with his wild stunts. Travis Pastrana recently warned Darby Allin before his crazy stunts go wrong.

Darby Allin claims that legendary stunt performer Travis Pastrana gave him a scary warning minutes before he drove a Jeep 96 feet over his home and into trailers. TMZ Sports talked with Allin immediately after he performed the crazy, death-defying stunt. The 29-year-old informed the outlet that Pastrana, the man behind the whole thing, left him with some chilling parting remarks. “Travis Pastrana helped set it up,” Darby admitted before continuing his story.

And he’s like from Nitro Circus, [the] first-ever double backflip. He’s a wild man. So he helped set it up.

And he straight up told me like before I went, ‘There’s a good chance you’re going to break your back doing this.’


Allin said the stunt was significantly more dangerous than he initially led on because his car was missing some vital parts.

“I was terrified because when I got the stunt car, it didn’t have any brakes, and it didn’t have a speedometer. So, I was just like, ‘Alright, here we go, dude.’ I literally didn’t know how fast I was going.”

If I got scared and decided to pull out at the last minute, I couldn’t because I had no brakes. So, I just winged it.

Darby stated that the experts advised him to go at 36 MPH during the stunt. He couldn’t determine how fast he was going because he didn’t have brakes or a speedometer. DA claims he lost sight of where he was while soaring through the air, but as soon as he landed, he told his AEW boss Tony Khan, who was on FaceTime with him throughout the stunt, “I can make it Wednesday.” Allin has performed a number of daring acts in the ring, but this one is a  “totally different feeling.”

At the very least, he’s safe. You must take risks in order to experience an unforgettable moment. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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