Britney Spears and Elton John topped the streaming charts in more than 40 nations. Now that they have a music video in the works, they plan to break music video records as well. Britney is busy in numerous ways lately. She also had to turn down the VMAs appearance.

The new song has achieved enormous popularity and has put Britney back in the spotlight among those in the music business. According to TMZ, she was even invited to this weekend’s MTV VMAs, but she had to decline the event due to a scheduling conflict. Britney is forced to remain in Los Angeles.

The single has been hugely successful, once again bringing Britney to the forefront of music industry conversation. In fact, we’re told she was invited to this weekend’s MTV VMAs — but had to turn the show down because of a scheduling conflict that keeps her in Los Angeles.

Of course, Britney’s fans are already clamoring for more music as a result of the project with Elton. There are currently no plans for Britney to release any new songs or play the hit with Elton on stage during his current tour, according to our sources. Nevertheless, Britney is grateful for all the support.

Drew Barrymore and Britney Spears exchanged some highly publicized video messages on Friday following the song’s release. Then, to celebrate the success of “Hold Me Closer,” Britney shared her own video on Twitter with a British accent in which she said she was going to have the best day ever. You may check out the video below.

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