T.I branched out into stand-up comedy and acting from music, which is something that a lot of people try. A number of fans enjoy T.I’s acting work, but they were robbed of one role that never came to be.

Davis MacLean, who is portrayed by Method Man, is a well-known, well-loved character on Power Book: II. However, Gianni Paolo has revealed Method Man wasn’t the original choice.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Paolo said the first choice was actually T.I. He also stated that he thought the reason why 50 didn’t bring in T.I. was because of potential beef between the two rappers

“I heard…this is a rumor, I can’t confirm,” Paolo shared. “T.I. was supposed to play Method Man’s character. I don’t know if there was beef or something happened, but he never ended up playing him, and Meth was Davis MacLean.”

Michael Rainey, who is also a co-star with Paolo, confirmed the rumors. He mentioned that they had finished the casting early in production before filming, He noted that Method Man was there and nobody knew why, until they were later told he had the role of MacLean.

Rainey and Paolo both agree that 50 did a phenomenal job in casting for MacLean. “No shot” was their answer when asked if they though T.I. would’ve done a better job portraying the character MacLean. Rainey also went on to talk about 50’s positive energy and role on set.

“If there was to even be a beef on set, 50 would come to set and that shit would be squashed.”

Power Book: II currently streams on demand on STARZ. On December 7, 2021, STARZ renewed the show for a third season.

Would T.I. have made a better Davis MacLean than Method Man? Sound off in the comments below!

Chase Gilmer

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