Kailyn Lowry rose to mainstream prominence with MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Over the years, she has garnered a huge fanbase due to that. Recently, the former “Teen Mom 2” star said is being stalked by paparazzi amid rumors she’s pregnant with her fifth baby.

On the August 25th episode of “Coffee Convos,” Kailyn talked about an incident which she deemed “scary” with her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley. She expressed that she went to the police, but was accused of “wasting” police resources and threatened with a felony.

Lowry claimed on the podcast, “I’ve been chased by paparazzi for three days,” She also said that she’s “frustrated because I literally felt like I couldn’t even shower naked because I felt like someone was watching me.” She added, “they’ve been outside my house. They follow me everywhere I go. I literally have 10 pictures in my phone of every place I went yesterday and they follow me.” She then stated that the police were of no help to her.

“I went to the police for help and they told me because I left out information — I guess that they were paparazzi –that I wasted resources. But I didn’t know it mattered that they were paparazzi. Now I’m scared. Because at first it was funny but now it’s not funny because I feel like they’re watching me in my bathroom.”

In July, Lowry was photographed by paparazzi amid rumors that she was expecting her fifth child and her first with Elijah Scott, her boyfriend. Lowry was photographed outside of her Delaware home and published in images by The Sun wearing a blue t-shirt and black leggings.

Lowry stated that she started to feel threatened by the man following her, who drives a white Fiat, when he followed her for more than 30 minutes on the highway and made a dangerous turn. She told Chrisley on “Coffee Convos, “This guy’s not aggressive, but he did bust a u-y in the middle of the highway.” The traumatic experience certainly had an impact on her.

 “That’s scary. You’re literally following me for 30 minutes to pick up my kids. You don’t need to know where I pick my kids up.”

You can check out her whole conversation on “Coffee Convos” below. Keep checking out on Thirsty for further updates.

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