Kobe Bryant is one of the most illustrious athletes in NBA history. Bryant’s life was tragically cut short in a helicopter crash that also killed his daughter Gianna and seven other people. On what would have been Kobe’s 44th birthday, the Lakers went a step farther to honor the legend.

The Lakers has made every effort following Kobe’s death to honor him in every way. Every baby delivered on August 23rd at the UCLA Children’s hospital received an unique card from the Lakers. They also received a blanket bearing the Lakers’ logo and a tiny wool hat bearing Kobe’s number 8. The Lakers also posted a sincere message to their Instagram page.

One of your family’s most special days has landed on one of our organization’s most celebrated days. On this year’s Kobe Day, here’s to our next-generation Lakers fan. They’ve already got a little of the Mamba Mentality in them.

Bryant concluded his career as one of the top five scorers in league history and was able to help the Los Angeles Lakers win five titles. He had a fantastic post-playing career after retiring in 2016, winning an Oscar and coaching his daughter’s basketball team at the same time.

This act of kindness by the Lakers won over many fans, and it is simple to understand why. On days like this, it’s critical to keep in mind how much Kobe meant to so many people and how much of an influence he had. You may check out the wholesome Instagram post below.

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