Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial became one of the most highly discussed topics in the past several months. Through a lot of trials and tribulations, fans witnessed a lot of unpleasant things and revelations. After the feminist group expressed support for Amber Heard and labelled her as a “victim” of her claimed ex-violence, supporters of Johnny Depp have taken to bashing the Women’s March.

The hashtag #ShutDownWomensMarch was trending on Twitter this week. Depp’s supporters urged users to avoid the group, which was born out of the 2017 global movement against Donald Trump’s presidency. Women’s March included Depp among a list of other well-known men who have also been accused of mistreating women in the following Twitter thread.

Let’s talk Andrew Tate, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, & the pervasive culture of misogyny and sexism that puts women in danger every single day.

The group continued by claiming that “sexism and misogyny” are to blame for people not believing Heard’s accusations against her ex-husband. The group urged people to take women at their word when they report acts of harassment and abuse. Many of Depp’s admirers immediately objected to the remarks and came to his defense, reinforcing their view that Heard was the abuser and Depp the victim.

One wrote, “I’m all for #ShutDownWomensMarch. They believe in @realamberheard after abusing Johnny Depp for years and turn a blind eye to all the evidence and allegations against her.” Another tweeted, “Your entire march is a lie. Depp is innocent, Turd is guilty.”

A third one tweeted: “#ShutDownWomensMarch  i’m so disgusted. i marched with them during the start of #MeToo and now they’re defending amber heard simply because she’s a woman. this is a huge middle finger to survivors and feminists everywhere.” Others have brought back anti-Heard hashtags like #AmberTurd and #AmberHeardIsALiar, which were popular during the public defamation trial involving the former pair. Check out the tweets below.

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