The Los Angeles Lakers’ ability to secure LeBron James with a contract deal for $97.1 million yesterday was crucial. LeBron’s commitment to the Lakers for at least the following two seasons is ensured by this contract extension, which has a player option in the second year. The Lakers are preparing to make some other decisions.

The Lakers are determined to upgrade their roster now that LeBron has signed a contract extension, giving him a chance to compete for a championship. Kyrie Irving is one person who the Lakers have given a lot of consideration. The Lakers wanted to trade for Kyrie at first, but they were unwilling to part with two draught picks.

That viewpoint has since altered. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Lakers will trade Kyrie Irving to the Nets for two first-round choices. The Lakers will pursue guys like Buddy Hield and Myles Turner if they are unable to sign Kyrie.

Woj is now reporting that the Lakers are in fact willing to include both picks in a Kyrie trade but NOT for Hield/Turner. Jovan Buha stated the other week that he believes it may be trending in that direction. 👀


It’s interesting to note that the Lakers will only accept one first-round pick in exchange for the final two players. The Lakers seem willing to ignore all of the controversy that typically surrounds Kyrie because they recognize how amazing he is on the court. Keep checking back to Thirsty for the most recent news and updates as the NBA offseason drama unfolds.

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