Ellen DeGeneres announced her departure from her talk show after 19 seasons, but she still had other irons in the fire. Now, her new show was recently cancelled by Warner Bros.

Less than a year after its HBO Max premiere, Warner Bros. has cancelled the US comedian and former talk show presenter Ellen DeGeneres’ Little Ellen. The preschool-targeted animated series had been in development for two seasons. According to Deadline, it has been cancelled after two episodes.

Season three was supposed to come out somewhere in June, but that schedule was moved back early this year, and the show is now not coming at all. With Laurel Emory providing the voice of a seven-year-old Ellen, the animated series Little Ellen is largely based on the early years of Ellen DeGeneres. Over the course of both seasons, 20 episodes totaling about 11 minutes each have been produced.

DeGeneres and Warner Bros. produced it as part of a three-part agreement that also gave birth to Ellen’s Home Design Challenge and First Dates Hotel. The choice appears to be a result of the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, which was most notable for the company’s cancellation of Batgirl after investing $90 million in the endeavor. Since David Zazlav became president and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, a number of projects have been shelved in the last week.

The reality TV show The Big D was also completely cancelled a few weeks before its broadcast. This is due to the fact that WB can deduct them from taxes, which enables the company to waive the expenditures. The opportunity to accomplish this is then said to run out by the middle of August, which explains why so many have occurred in such a brief period of time.

Laurel Emory, Johanna Colón, JeCobi Swain, and June Squibb are the stars of Little Ellen. HBO Max is currently offering the first two seasons to viewers in the US. HBO Max isn’t the only streaming service to have terminated a number of episodes early. Netflix has also done so, with more than a dozen shows already being cancelled in 2022, including First Kill, which was only available for one season. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more news and updates.

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