Kim Kardashian has been riding solo after nine months of dating Pete Davidson. Pete was the first man she publicly dated after Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021. Prior to the lawsuit, Kim and Kanye had lived separate lifestyles for months. In light of The Kardashians star’s recent split from Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are proceeding with the finalization of their divorce.

According to sources, Kim loved all the attention she got from the comedian once she started dating Pete. After spending so much time alone, Kim relished Pete’s attention. Since the divorce, Kanye has been romantically linked to a number of models.

Kanye tried to get Kim to reunite, but the creator of SKIMS was adamant that she had no interest in doing so. Kim filed to become legally single twice before Kanye got the message. Throughout Pete’s relationship with Kim, the rap and fashion entrepreneur tormented him on social media for weeks. After the separation was revealed, Kanye dealt the relationship one last blow by publishing a fictitious obituary for “Skete Davidson.”

In the midst of her separation, Kim is getting ready to end her nearly seven-year marriage to Kanye. A source told Hollywood Life that Kim and Kanye’s divorce is apparently “being finalized any day now.” According to reports, Kim and Kanye have settled on a divorce settlement and are formally divorcing. Kim is eager to continue living her life as a single woman now that Kanye and Pete are no longer in it, the insider said.

Kim hasn’t been solely single in the last ten years. Before getting married to him a few years later, she began seeing Kanye back in 2012. Kim and Kanye share four kids, who they will continue to raise as a unit. Recently, Kanye was spotted socializing with an unfamiliar mystery woman.

According to reports, Kim is delighted that Kanye hasn’t made an effort to win her back since her breakup with Pete and is in favor of him dating again. After her breakup with Pete, Kim reportedly concerned that Kanye might try to get back together with her. Pete sought psychotherapy as a result of the jab after having to deal with Kanye’s taunting in public.

Pete’s mental health continues to receive help from the Kardashians’ star. Following their breakup, Kim and Pete decided to stay friends. Fans have made predictions about Kim’s upcoming relationships and when she’ll introduce them. As Kim is ready to formally become a single woman again, the power is in her hands.

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