Mindy Kaling rose to prominence as Kelly Kapoor in the NBC sitcom The Office. She also worked on the sitcom as a writer, executive producer, and director. Mindy recently explained why she could never be able to write Euphoria.

The former star of The Office is a co-creator of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, which released its third season on August 12th. Devi, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and her eclectic group of friends attempts to navigate high school and adolescence in California’s San Fernando Valley in the show.

The show addresses several difficult real-world issues. Death, cultural differences, and broken hearts are all part of it. It’s undoubtedly more lighthearted and breezy than some of its contemporaries, most notably HBO’s Euphoria. Mindy said that’s absolutely by design.

“I love Euphoria, and I think [creator] Sam [Levinson] is like a genius. I think he has a lot to say about things like sex and drug use and addiction, and those are incredibly interesting, but we don’t have a ton of experience in that. I watch that show on the edge of my seat, vicariously, but I feel like nerds lusting over guys is more what we feel comfortable writing about, so that’s why we do this. We write about strivers and dorks and people who are underestimated.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lang Fisher, Mindy’s co-creator, agreed wholeheartedly and did not mince words. “Mindy and I are not cool enough to write Euphoria,” she joked. Having said that, season three of Never Have I Ever sees Devi come into her own more than ever before.

“I can’t imagine us ever like, ‘Alright now she goes and does heroin.’ We operate pretty succinctly and safely in the TV-14 space, and also we weren’t like Euphoria teens. Mindy and I were goody-goodies who were dorks and maybe each had like half a boyfriend.”

“In the first couple seasons we definitely have seen Devi be a person who is like, ‘I need to check these boxes to be happy and have the life I want.’ She starts to realize ‘Maybe I’m not the dorky loser that I thought I was and I do have the life I always wanted, right now.'”

Devi may not yet be Euphoria’s Maddy or Cassie, but we like her exactly the way she is. Never Have I Ever’s third season is now available on Netflix. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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