Alec Baldwin continues to deal with the catastrophes in his life, especially the horrific shooting on the Rust set. According to a recent report, the FBI determined that Alec must have pulled the trigger normally on the set, which resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins.

In a shocking report released on Friday, ABC News claimed to have acquired a copy of the forensic analysis report just recently finished by the Bureau. It was looking into every aspect of the fatal accident as part of a larger investigation to determine whether criminal charges should be filed.

According to ABC, citing a portion of the FBI investigation, the authorities discovered that the revolver was a single-action .45 Colt caliber F.lli Pietta. And after they conducted accidental discharged testing, they concluded that it could not have been fired if someone didn’t pull the trigger.

It’s unknown if they tested the exact same gun Alec used or a different but identical one, but the FBI noted in their findings that the gun while functioning properly, won’t fire a bullet and primer at the same time by simply fiddling the hammer.

One may recall that that was exactly what he stated in an interview with ABC; all he had done was pull the hammer back and hold it in a pose as Halyna instructed him on how to stand. He claimed that after they were finished, he let off the hammer and the gun fired on its own.

According to FBI officials’ report, they tried positioning the hammer in different ways to see if they could get it to fire without pushing the trigger, but they claim they were unsuccessful. However, this finding does not necessarily mean Alec is in trouble just yet. After all, we are unsure whether the testing done here used his gun or a different one. It’s also entirely possible that the revolver Alec used that day actually malfunctioned and that he is speaking the truth.

Law enforcement authorities in New Mexico, who are still looking into this matter after starting their investigation in October, have been informed of these facts. According to a formal statement from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, one of the things they’re currently waiting on is Alec’s phone records.

Alec previously stated that he was cooperating and delivering those records to the New York police department, but it appears that someone may be delaying things. Once that is received, the D.A. can conduct a thorough examination based on their own findings, the FBI’s findings, and any supporting documentation. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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