Russell Westbrook’s skills as a professional basketball player speak for themselves. This is because he is a nine-time NBA All-Star and earned the NBA Most Valuable Player Award for the 2016–17 season. Westbrook recently took shots at The Lakers for not utilizing him properly.

Over the past year, Russell Westbrook has experienced a fair amount of frustration. Just a few years ago, Russell Westbrook was among the NBA’s top point guards. He was a triple-double machine who could make up for a team’s lack of talent.

He has, regrettably, been moving around the league lately, and with the Los Angeles Lakers last year, he had a disappointing season. Fans turned against the celebrity after one of those horrible seasons, and Russ seems to have lost all credibility. In fact, the Lakers have made attempts to trade Russell in the past since many analysts think he will no longer play for the purple and gold.

Russ has been outspoken about how frustrating he has found things to be. He blasted previous Lakers head coach Frank Vogel for how he was used, and it appears that Russ is now upset about all the trade speculations. Russ liked a tweet from a fan who criticized the Lakers for trying to move him.

The supporter emphasized how the Lakers would be stupid to let rid of Russ at this time given his great season-ending performance. Clearly, Russ and the Lakers do not get along right now. Unfortunately for him, given the lack of a market for Westbrook at the moment, he will likely be on the roster for the duration of the season. Check out the tweet below.

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