Nelly and Ashanti started dating in 2003 and were together for 11 years before breaking up in 2014. Irv Gotti recently trolled Nelly and Ashanti’s previous relationship, saying that the couple used to cause trouble wherever they showed up together. Nelly decided to grill Irv during live concert while bringing out Ashanti.

Nelly and Ashanti reconnected on the Verzuz stage during the fight between Fat Joe and Ja Rule, but they have since been spotted together once more. The former pair has received a lot of attention since Irv Gotti and Ja appeared on Drink Champs. Hip-hop relived the alleged love affair between the Murder Inc head and his hit-making singer in the most recent episode, but not everyone thought that Gotti ought to have been discussing the long-ago relationship in public.

Fat Joe recently came forward to denounce Irv for calling Ashanti a “b-tch” and discussing personal information about their private lives during the interview. Nelly and Ashanti both made unexpected cameos at a recent concert, so it appears that Irv’s statements reached them as well. Nelly and Ashanti dated for more than ten years and were the hip-hop pair that everyone expected to last forever, but alas, they made the decision to split up.

Irv said on Drink Champs that he discovered Nelly and Ashanti’s romance while watching a basketball game because the couple caused trouble whenever they showed up together. He said he was still in love with her at the moment. Nelly recently performed “Body on Me” with Ashanti, and during the performance, he made a comment that many saw to be a verbal shot at Gotti.

I got floor seats to the next game.

After Nelly broke up with Shantel Jackson, many fans speculated that Nelly will reconcile with Ashanti. Ashanti previously revealed that she was already in a relationship and shut down all speculation regarding her getting back together with Nelly. However, it seems things have changed now. Check out the clips below.

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