NBA YoungBoy is still on the rise, since the release of his latest album, The Last Slimeto. While this is exciting news for the artist, he has also been making headlines for another reason. According to reports, the rapper was caught attempting to fake his urine sample.

According to AllHipHop, NBA YoungBoy passed off someone else’s urine sample, or synthetic urine, as his own during a legally mandated drug test in late July. YoungBoy then tested positive for THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, after his scheme was disrupted, and he was forced to produce a valid urine sample.

According to court documents, the 22-year-old, who was found not guilty on federal firearms charges on July 15 in Los Angeles, used a method to fill the testing cup with someone else’s clean pee.

When the watching officer discovered the device and questioned YoungBoy, he disputed the charge and snuck out of the building without permission.

YoungBoy supplied a valid urine sample the next day, which came back positive. When questioned, the YoungBoy admitted to using a CBD vape pen during his pretrial monitoring. He also claimed that the week prior, he performed an at-home drug test and panicked when it came up positive for THC, afraid he’d break the terms of his pretrial release.

Since October 2021, NBA YoungBoy has been under house arrest in Utah. Following his acquittal in July, his legal team requested that his prior bail restrictions be modified and that he be released from home detention, clearing the door for a possible statewide tour.

NBA YoungBoy made a ton of money, and it’s a good thing he’s still raking in the cash with streaming money. His attorneys must be top-notch to keep him out of jail on a probation violation.

YoungBoy released a slew of music videos in promotion of his most recent album, most recently a new one for “Digital” on Sunday, August 7th. You may watch the music video below and stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates!

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