Jack Osbourne is the son of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne. Jack is the father of three daughters, Pearl, Andy, and Minnie, whom he shares with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly. The father of three recently welcomed his fourth child. Jack also revealed that the baby’s umbilical cord has been preserved as an art piece.

Aree Gearhart, Jack Osbourne’s fiancé, recently spoke about their choice to “preserve” the baby’s umbilical cord about a month after the birth of their fourth daughter. The cord has been “shaped into a heart” and painted gold with the assistance of the California-based business Mommy Made Encapsulation so that Osbourne and Gearhart may “keep it forever.” The interior designer recently shared the message on their Instagram Stories.

one of the best choices i’ve made for my postpartum health was to encapsulate my placenta. taking my placenta has helped me lose pregnancy weight, helped w [sic] postpartum depression, boosted my milk supply significantly, and reduced postpartum bleeding. she also preserved maple’s umbilical cord, shaping it into a heart and painting it gold. so we could keep it forever.

Gearhart revealed last month that she gave birth to a daughter named Maple, whom she refers to as her “soulmate.” On July 27, Gearhart posted to her Instagram followers, “New level of love unlocked. Came to us earth side on July 9, 2022 at 8:07pm.”


For his part, the “Osbournes” alum noted that the infant and his partner were doing well, happy, and healthy. After becoming engaged in December 2021, the pair revealed in March that they were expecting their first child. Check out Gearhart’s Instagram story screenshot below.

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