Lil Pump is well-known for experimenting with new styles. He is renowned among tattoo enthusiasts due to his passion for inking new pieces. Lil Pump recently got a Powerpuff Girls tattoo to mark a busy month.

Lil Pump disclosed that the Powerpuff Girls tattoo on his neck was inspired by a busy month of sexual activity during his early career. The 21-year-old rapper addressed the unusual ink he’s gathered over the years with Inked Magazine. He focused on one piece in particular, which he did during the rollout for his 2019 album Harvard Dropout, holding a special place in his heart.

During the interview, Pump stated that he recently returned to his family’s home country of Colombia, where he developed a love for salmon. The rapper also stated that he had a fantastic month as part of a threesome.

“I got that Powerpuff Girls tattoo around when I dropped Harverd Dropout for that whole month I was having threesomes, like, every single day. So that was the reason I got the Powerpuff Girls on my neck. It was an amazing month.”

“It was amazing. I was eating very, very good food, like, salmon on salmon on salmon, boy! Shit felt amazing! And then I was eating bandeja paisa, and I love bandeja paisa, but it’s different when you eat it from your hometown.”

“That shit’s just really good. I just enjoyed the food a lot. And man, the salmon over there… crazy!”

The Miami rapper spoke with the outlet about his upcoming album, Lil Pump 2, the official sequel to his 2017 debut Lil Pump, which generated the rapper’s breakout 5x platinum single “Gucci Gang.” The album opened at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, selling 45,000 album equivalent units before being certified gold.

“[Lil Pump 2] is dropping in August around my birthday. It’s about to be crazy. This is gonna be a masterpiece.”

The young rapper announced in 2019 that he gave up narcotics for good. By June 2022, he could be seen on Instagram getting into serious condition owing to his new physical trainer.

“Yo guys, I’m making an announcement. I don’t sip no more lean at all. I don’t do no more drugs, fuck all that. Good job, Pumpee!”

While Pump has garnered immense fame since his debut, the release of Lil Pump 2 will mark a fresh start for the rapper. Lil Pump’s birthday is on August 17th, which is why the album will arrive shortly. Have you been waiting to hear it? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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