Chris Brown is one of the most popular and successful artists of all time, and there’s no arguing that. However, to celebrate his successful musical career, Tory Lanez has recently gifted Brown the finest piece of jewelry with a title bestowed upon a true late legend, Michael Jackson.

On Tuesday, the Canadian rapper gave Breezy an iced-out chain with a pendant referring to CB as the “King of Pop,” a homage to Michael Jackson’s long-held title. It’s been said that Brown carries the torch that Michael can no longer bare. Lanez took to Instagram to post a video of the custom piece.


My dawg held me down in a time when most of the world left me for dead !!! I feel like This is a well deserved gift …. For so many reasons !!! Most of those reasons I engraved on the back of the chain !!!! Enjoy it my boy!”

All of Chris Brown’s musical achievements, including his nominations and wins at several awards ceremonies throughout the years of his career, are inscribed on the backside of the silver pendant.

Tory Lanez and Brown recently collaborated again on “Bad Then a Beach,” from Brown’s June album Breezy. They’ve worked together on songs including “Feels,” “Lurkin,” “Tell Me How You Feel,” “The Take,” “Duck My Ex,” and “Flexible” in the past.

For the majority of his career, C-Breezy has dismissed the Michael Jackson similarities. Earlier this year, he even paid tribute to the late pop icon in an interview with Big Boy. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates. 

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