Lil Baby and Ayesha Howard dated for over two years while establishing a strong career together. After having their first kid in 2015, Lil Baby and Ayesha decided to end their relationship. Ayesha Howard recently made a statement regarding their relationship that she suffers “emotional scars” from dating the rapper.

Lil Baby’s ex appears to be struggling with the aftereffects of their failed relationship, which can be difficult to overcome. Ayesha Howard, the mother of the rapper’s oldest child, is more lovingly known online as Little Ms. Golden.

Every so often, Howard has made news with suspicions that she has resumed a romantic relationship with Lil Baby, but this time, she has been well-known due to a few tweets she made about dating after their breakup.

“My Babydaddy f*cked me up, he’s the reason I don’t tap in emotionally when I deal with men.”


“I never want to feel that type pain and betrayal again so I’ve shut down on everybody even people who probably really love me. I’m literally losing my favorite n***** cause he said I’m not affectionate… I’m just trying to protect my heart tho.”

Soon, Howard was inundated with comments from individuals claiming that she is still in love with Lil Baby. She swiftly went back to stop the comments which were airing on the internet.

“Don’t come on my twitter trying to tell me nothing about me and a N**** y’all only know through your stereo air waves!! Don’t start being weird! You don’t have to still be in love with someone to still suffer emotional scars and trauma from the experience! Stop saying I’m not over my past because I am, but a bitch still waiting to exhale.”

Howard has been very explicit in her message regarding her relationship with Lil Baby. The hit-making rapper has not yet commented on this rumor. Watch to see how he responds to the spreading rumor. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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