Khloé Kardashian’s love life has been miserable for a long time, largely due to her toxic and problematic relationship with Tristan Thompson. She was clearly a mess after her breakup with the NBA star. Thompson also tried to get back with Kardashian many times.

As previously reported, a woman named Maralee Nichols came forth and accused Tristan Thompson of being the father of her newborn child. Thompson himself would then admit that he is the father as well.

In spite of this scandal, Kardashian and Thompson are having a baby together via a surrogate, and it will be their second child together. Kardashian is still trying to forgive Thompson for what he did.

According to Hollywood Life, Tristan Thompson has been “constantly trying” to get back together with her “up until a few weeks ago.” It was said that Thompson was “making all kinds of promises!” but Kardashian has stood her ground and “not budged” when it came to getting back together.

“It seems like he’s finally given up on trying to win her back, which is a huge relief for Khloe because it was very draining for her. All she wants is for them to be healthy and happy co-parents, that’s why she’s forgiven him and wants her family to forgive him too. She doesn’t see the point in hanging on to the negativity and anger but that doesn’t mean she’s letting what he did slide. They are 100% done for good.

Khloe will always love Tristan. No one understands what it is about him and, considering all of the pain he caused, it just makes no sense. But Khloe doesn’t see it that way. Khloe tells her sisters that no one can understand what love is like unless you are in that relationship.

Kardashian also wants to redeem Tristan Thompson. Kardashian is also dating someone else now and clearly never wants to get back together with Tristan Thompson ever again. Fans are finally relieved she is done with that chapter of her life.

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