Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the hottest models in fashion circuits. She is well known for flaunting her beach-body in advertisements and social media posts. Alessandra Ambrosio recently played volleyball on a Santa Monica beach, displaying a good deal of her toned body.

Several of her friends and her boyfriend, Richard Lee, joined the 41-year-old fashion industry figure on the outing. Ambrosio went out in a heavily cropped white t-shirt with a graphic print of the Beach Boys’ insignia. Later, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel took off her shirt to expose a pale blue bikini top underneath.

The model wore a matching bottom that highlighted her lean thighs and voluptuous hips. She adorned her appearance with a number of necklaces, a pair of earrings, and other shiny accessories. Ambrosio spent time with her pals while donning a pair of reflective sunglasses to protect her eyes from the bright California sun.

The volleyball match was also attended by the figure from the fashion sector, who wore a light purple headgear. She spent some of her outing with her stunning brunette hair in a bun, but later she let it flow freely across her shoulders. While spending time with his fiancé, Lee dressed comfortably in a long-sleeve t-shirt and a pair of black trunks.

Ambrosio and Lee began seeing each other last February, according to Hola! When they displayed PDA while out to dinner in March of last year, they appeared to confirm the rumors about their romance. Check out her stunning pictures below.

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