Demi Lovato rose to stardom after starring in the musical television film Camp Rock as Mitchie Torres. Lovato released the single “Sober” on June 21st, 2018, revealing that they had relapsed after six years of sobriety. Demi just revealed new information about their eighth studio album, HOLY FVCK, as well as their path to sobriety.

Demi Lovato is opening up about their recovery journey. On Thursday, the 29-year-old vocalist spoke with Audacy’s Mix 104.1 in Boston about their eighth studio album, HOLY FVCK. It is slated to be released in August. They are also adopting sobriety as their new normal.

“I had people around me that wanted me to be sober. And I don’t think that I wanted it,” said Lovato, who recently put out the new single Substance. “I tried just smoking weed, I tried doing this, I made all of the bargaining choices.”

“And I just realized that none of it works for me. What’s come into my life is acceptance… I’m in such acceptance of my life the way that it is that I really rarely think about substances, which is a beautiful thing and something that I never thought would happen to me.”

The “Cool for the Summer” has long been outspoken about their drug struggles, including the aftereffects of an overdose in July 2018. Though they had previously identified themselves as “California sober,” a term used by those who choose to smoke marijuana but do not drink alcohol, Lovato announced in December that they had quit using drugs.

Lovato will celebrate their 30th birthday next month. In other parts of the interview, they discussed entering a new stage of life and growing into their own.

“There’s also an element of life, I’m turning 30 — there’s something about entering your thirties that you just become more accepting of where you are in life. And you’re not trying so hard to be anybody anymore, you’re stepping into your identity, and I think that also really helps.”

After posting a photo with several friends dressed in black in January, Lovato suggested that their new album will usher in a new era for them. They scheduled a fall tour in support of HOLY FVCK shortly after the singer’s album was announced in June. It features DEAD SARA and Royal & The Serpent as special guests.

Let us wait and see what the vocalist has in store for us next. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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