Drake earned his high-profile status in the music industry through hard work and dedication to his craft. The rapper has been enjoying international stardom for the past few years. Having said that, Drizzy often finds himself in situations where his reputation doesn’t help him.

The Canadian rapper is currently on vacation in St. Tropez, France. He was photographed at the location enjoying his time at a party. In a very hilarious clip, Drake was seen dodging bees to avoid getting stung, the uninvited guests at his party seemed to have been annoying him.

The clip shows Drake dodging the bees while his friends swat at them on the dinner table. It almost looked like the rapper was in the boxing ring, trying to avoid jabs from his opponent. Drake got the wind of this clip after it went viral on social media and commented on it, reaffirming his melissophobia.

I hate bees on god

Drake has been traveling quite a bit lately. On this latest trip to France, he was spotted with a mystery woman on a Yacht. Champagne Papi is having the best time of his life, his career is also at its peak, and he has nothing to worry about, except for bees.

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