Daniel Cormier is a 22-3 former UFC fighter, and a world-class athlete. Cormier is only the second fighter in UFC history to hold both the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight titles. Prior to MMA, Cormier was an amateur NCAA wrestler. He’s a previous member of the USA Olympic teams in 2004 and 2008. Amidst his UFC commentator role, the WWE was eager to pair him with an NXT star.

Monster Energy on Twitter Spaces spoke with Daniel Cormier, and it was there when he gave details about his relations with WWE personnel. He admitted to talking to Triple H and being friends with the company’s talent. WWE’s wanted Cormier on NXT to potentially to work with his friend, Jacob Kasper.

“I’m friends with a lot of people that are in that company. I speak to Triple H, and I’ve got some friends now that are competing [in WWE]. So my brother, not my actual brother, one of my friends, Jacob Kasper, is now a Creed Brother in the WWE. The Creed Brothers are the ‘NXT’ Champions, the smaller league champions, and so I’ve been asked a couple of times to do stuff with them for the promotion, but I haven’t been able to make it work. It’s something that I really do want to do.” Cormier Said

Cormier evoked interest in joining WWE in 2020. He told Sports Illustrated he wanted to make a few WWE TV appearances. In 2019, Fox Sports was eager to bring him onto the Smackdown announce team. Unfortunately, this turned into fallacies rather than realities.


Jacob Kasper, along with his brother Drew, are the current NXT Tag Team Champions. The two brothers are both only 24 and 26 years old. Despite their youth, they’ve made quite a stir on NXT. Both were former Duke University wrestlers. Fans may enjoy the potentiality of Daniel Cormier becoming their manager or feuding with them. However, Cormier’s busy UFC schedule makes a WWE appearance improbable.

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Jonathan Pugh

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