Lizzo is one of the most social media-savvy artists out there. While many of her opinions have landed her in trouble, she’s not being deterred. Lizzo also claimed that Rihanna and she occasionally used to slide into each other’s DMs.

Lizzo recently revealed that she periodically used the DM to playfully address Rihanna as “Mommihanna.” When she recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the singer of Special talked about her relationships with Rihanna. When answering a call from a fan, Lizzo was questioned about the possibility of a future Rihanna collaboration.

Okay, did the army send you? Rihanna was like, ‘Yeah, I’ll be a Lizzbian for a day.’ We don’t talk about sex a lot, but we’re just always giving it to each other. We don’t talk about work, it’s all play with me. But not since she’s been, you know, mommy. ‘Mommihanna.’ So congratulations to her and ASAP Rocky.

She continued by saying that before Rihanna started dating A$AP Rocky, they used to playfully flirt and even discuss about sex. Lizzo noted that numerous prominent celebrities had slipped into her DMs over the years. She however avoided identifying any names.

Lizzo will be a beacon of positivity for many and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Only a few days have passed since the long-awaited release of Lizzo’s fourth studio album, Special. This fall, she will start a comprehensive stadium tour in promotion of the album.

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