Jake Paul is doing what he can to promote his upcoming fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. After Tommy Fury had to pull out of the fight due to issues getting into the United States, Paul was able to pin down an opponent for his boxing card at Madison Square Garden on August 6. Ticket sales have been slow for the bout, so Jake did what he does best and went the troll route.

In a new video released on Twitter, Jake Paul poses in a “hospital” bed. He informed fans that he had an accident, but will still be able to fight. From there, it quickly becomes obvious that he is simply trying to get fans to buy tickets.

“So, guys, I’m in the hospital. I had an accident. I’m still gonna be able to fight August 6, so get your tickets at MSG.com before they sell out. But… I broke my back… Carrying the promotion for this event. It’s broken. Nurse! Nurse! More morphine! I broke my back carrying the last five fights’ promotion. My opponents never sell sh*t!”

While Jake Paul’s theatrics might get some people interested in seeing the fight, Hasim Rahman is taking his opponent far more seriously. He said that he plans to treat Paul “like a little boy” during the match. With a stellar 12-1 professional boxing record, Rahman could be Jake Paul’s biggest challenge yet.

In the past, Jake Paul has been criticized for not fighting “real” boxers. This will be the chance Jake has been waiting for. He is hoping to prove himself against a stellar fighter with an excellent pedigree.

Time will tell if Jake Paul’s stunt puts more people in seats. The public may simply be tired of what they consider sham boxing matches. While there are still lots of tickets left to sell, at least Jake is having some fun promoting the event.

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Michael Perry

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