Cardi B is never one to keep her feelings to herself on social media. She frequently gets into fights and arguments with fans and critics on Twitter. Cardi’s latest beef is with popular hip-hop gossip outlet, ‘The Shade Room.’

After Cardi posted and deleted a tweet requesting The Shade Room to remove a post about her four-year-old daughter, things got heated. Cardi B received a response from The Shade Room attempting to prove that they’ve provided her with fair and positive coverage in the past. Cardi doubled down, accusing them of being shady and gaslighting her.

“I DM’d you guys but, of course, you guys ignore me, and that’s why I had to take it publicly. Clearly, you guys have me muted from commenting on your page. That’s why when I comment, nobody can see my comment and I actually have screenshots of it, and that’s why I posted it.

So now you guys want to gaslight me. And if you guys are not doing shady sh*t on purpose, why mute me from commenting? Then you guys post certain things positive about me so y’all can continuously post negative things about me that you don’t do to other artists.

Example: the thing with Lil Kim with the Lip Service. You guys literally edited the video and posted things that sounded kinda funny so people could drag me… Also, you guys post funny things when it comes to my music releases, you guys ignore completely when I do really good performing — anything that’s positive about me.”

The parties went back and forth for quite some time. In the end, it appears they worked things out. The Shade Room appears to have ended the rift after talking with Cardi B. Despite the drama, cooler heads prevailed in the war of words.

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