Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be a celebrity with a tight schedule, but he still finds time to interact with fans on social media. He recently surprised his followers with an interesting recipe. 

While celebrating the 4th of July with his family, The Rock taught fans how to make a pretty great drink as well. He called this recipe “the official drink of the summer.” The initial Instagram post has been taken down, but we still have the recipe noted. 

The drink comprises two ounces of lemonade, two ounces of soda water, one ounce of grenadine, and “many ounces” of his Teremana tequila. Interestingly enough, he named this drink Mana Spritz. He also gave some additional details as well on his IG post.

Stir it up (finger optional) and ENJOY!!! I want to see all your 4th of July TEREMANA TOASTS VIDEOS so send me some great ones to enjoy and I’ll repost them as well Cheers to all of you and your families. And babies

Dwayne Johnson is also no stranger to speaking about societal concerns. While enjoying the Fourth of July, he also shared an important message, saying America needs a lot of work. Obviously, this drink recipe is going to ruffle a lot less feathers. Hopefully, his message reaches everyone, just like his recipe.

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