Kanye West is one of the biggest rappers in the world. Ye is undoubtedly sitting at the top in the rap game, having launched two albums recently and both being massive hits. An artist of his scale always has a massive asking price when they’re booked for a show. 

Ye is known for his commentary on a lot of things. The star often includes himself in conversations about himself and corrects the facts. He did the same recently, but the detail he revealed about his asking price was simply unbelievable. 

RapThoughtsDaily had a run-in with Kanye. The Instagram page frequently updates its 57.5k followers with a lot of hip-hop and rap content. After the page made a list of artists and how much they charge for a performance, Kanye came in to reveal how much he charges, as a correction. 

Ye dropped a DM on Instagram and revealed that he charges $8 million for a performance, not $1 million. The outlet changed it accordingly on both Twitter and Instagram, and took to Stories in order to let Kanye know they made the corrections. 


Please change this my performance fee is $8 million

Kanye actually follows the account, which is probably why he might have seen the article. The star has been under tremendous stress, so he needs his daily scrolling time as well. 

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