Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker apparently called it quits after dating for over two years. However, following their breakup, Kendall and Devin have been seen together once more, raising the possibility that they are once again dating.

According to Us Weekly, Kendall and Devin were photographed in The Hamptons at a McNamara’s liquor store in Bridgehampton. Ahead of the 4th of July, the two reportedly came around 5 p.m. EST in a black SUV to stock up on supplies.

The source stated,

“There wasn’t any PDA, but they both looked to be in a great mood. She was buying a bottle of her own 818 Tequila, which people in the liquor store joked about.”

In the summer of 2021, Kendall launched her popular, three-variety tequila line. The source also revealed that the two purchased a case of the well-known French rosé wine Whispering Angel.

After two years of dating, Kendall and Devin reportedly split up in June 2022 because she thought he wasn’t “as serious as she was” regarding the relationship.  “Devin is very upset about the whole thing, and he definitely hasn’t even begun to move on,” the source informed Hollywood Life.

“Kendall broke up with him because she didn’t think he was taking the relationship as seriously as she was. Kendall felt like it was a really big deal to bring him with her to Kourtney’s wedding and she thought it would be super romantic. But it didn’t turn out like that at all, and he couldn’t have seemed more disconnected from the love and romantic aspect of it.”

The couple has also been seen vacationing in Malibu after their breakup, giving rise to the first indication that things may still be going on. On June 26, the two dined at the luxurious Soho House. Devin also “liked” a post by Kenny that featured her relaxing in nothing but a baseball cap.

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