Alexandra Daddario is certainly one of the most established actresses in all of Hollywood right now. She especially made a name for herself for her roles in the Percy Jackson film series and also True Detective. Just days before her wedding, Alexandra Daddario confronted the man who arrived at her home brandishing a loaded gun.

According to Radar Online, the Baywatch actress and her lawyer Blair Burke showed up at the Los Angeles Superior Court on June 23rd. According to the materials was able to collect, David Cako, who is accused of stalking Daddario, was also present in the courtroom. The interim restraining order against Cako issued by the White Lotus actress has been prolonged.

Daddario must not be approached until September 19th. After leaving court, Daddario took a flight to New Orleans to marry her longtime boyfriend, Hollywood producer Andrew Form. On June 30, images from their wedding appeared in Vogue.

This is the second extension of Daddario’s TRO. The actress was forced to leave her L.A. home after the horrifying event earlier this year. After receiving a 911 call reporting that an “irate” man was pounding on Daddario’s door and yelling, LAPD descended on her residence.

When the police showed up, they stopped Cako, checked his car, and found something shocking. Police discovered a loaded firearm inside the car. Cako was detained by police on a weapons accusation.

As if things weren’t already terrifying enough, he was let out of jail a few hours later after paying a $35,000 bond. When she discovered he was absent, the cops allegedly told Daddario to pack up and leave the property out of “safety concerns.” Daddario said the incident caused her severe emotional distress.

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