Cardi B previewed her sophomore album to Atlantic Records last October. Since then, the singer has worked on the soundtrack for Halle Berry’s directorial debut. Though fans are still waiting for an update on when Cardi B’s next album will hit, she did hint at who she wants to collaborate with.

In an interview with Nessa for Hot 97, Cardi B revealed she already has a collaboration track in mind with rap icon Lil’ Kim. The singer/songwriter said that she wants the collaboration to be somewhat of a comeback for Kim.

I even hit her up, I want Lil’ Kim on my album, I do have a song that I think, ‘Aight she’s good for it,’ but then I’m also debating on another song. Because I kinda want her on this one, too. What I really wanted to do was like an ‘Aunt Dot’ with her. … But then I’m kinda debating, is that gonna be like a little bit outdated? How’s it gonna be? … I just want the song I do with her, I want it to be like a super, like, great comeback. I just don’t want to put her on my album on a song and it’s like, ‘Cool, yeah, she had a Lil’ Kim feature.’ I want this to be like her insane…her moment.

Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, garnered much praise from critics and fans. The album made it to number one on the Billboard Top 100 and was the most-streamed album by a female artist in a week on Apple Music. With the first album’s success, it’s no wonder why so many are waiting for what next one.

What do you make of Cardi B’s comments about wanting to collab with Lil’ Kim? Sound off in the comments section below.

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