The fact that Draymond Green speaks without any filters on his podcast has occasionally landed him into trouble. He frequently criticizes individuals who are still involved in traditional media and is always talking about the “new media.” Draymond Green is now taking accountability.

Green has targeted people like Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, for example. He recently delivered a harsh tirade on former player Kendrick Perkins, who had previously criticized Green. Green’s criticism of Perkins was a touch excessive. He even referred to him as a “c-nt.”

As a result, Perkins responded in a now-deleted Twitter video, attacking the four-time Warriors champion. In the most recent episode of his podcast, Green acknowledged that he used that word inappropriately while referring to Perkins. He expressed regret for using the phrase and continued by asserting that he must accept responsibility for these actions. He acknowledged that he is still a novice in the media industry and that they are learning opportunities for him.

The other day when I was speaking, I used a word that carries a racial connotation and when I used the word, I could have very well replaced the word with clown … idiot, moron. I could have replaced the word with anything and continued in stride. I didn’t think about it in that perspective…I do understand that the word c-nt is used in a racial way. However, I also think growing up culturally, things are different…And for me, it’s like, ‘stop acting corny, you’re on some weird-type stuff. That’s wack, you don’t have to do that, that’s wack.’ So for me, in using the word, that’s what I was implying.


We hope Green and Perkins are able to move on from this whole situation. These kinds of small-minded disputes are never desirable to witness, especially among the NBA community. Check out the videos below.

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