Britney Spears fought hard in a courtroom to end her restrictive conservatorship, and now she is enjoying her freedom to the fullest. The conservatorship over Spears has been lifted, but the singer’s legal battle continues. The pop star’s lawyer is denouncing her father Jamie Spears for trying to depose his famous daughter.

Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart termed it as seeking “revenge” and called it a “low blow” and a tactic to “intimidate” the singer in the latest development in the issue involving the man who served as her previous conservator. According to Variety, Rosengart submitted a new legal document to the Los Angeles Superior Court. He slammed Brit’s father for seeking revenge deposition.

He now, with no legitimate, good-faith basis, seeks to take a sham deposition of his daughter, all in an effort to upset and intimidate her.

The conservatorship was terminated in November 2021, but the singer is still at odds with her father, who has demanded that she pay his substantial legal fees despite being suspended by the court. According to Spears’ legal team, her father was “abusive,” “cruel,” and “toxic,” and instead of acting in her best interests, he took advantage of his position as conservator by stealing millions from his celebrity daughter’s earnings.

Although Rosengart has promised to look into his actions, he has claimed that his client’s father has missed three depositions. Spears’ father has consistently affirmed his love for his daughter and his commitment to acting in her best interests while acting as conservator. He asked her to appear for a deposition so that she could be questioned about her post while under oath in court documents he filed last month, in which he alleged she had launched a social media campaign to damage his reputation.

The singer’s attorney is now criticizing Jamie Spears in new court documents for wanting “revenge” through a “sham deposition” of his daughter in response to his team’s request for Britney Spears to schedule a deposition. This issue is anticipated to be discussed in court at the upcoming hearing in Spears’ case on July 13. This is a developing story, so stay tuned to Thirsty for latest updates.

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