Snoop Dogg‘s team has been busy building a digital world in the Metaverse which includes his real-world personal mansion where the rapper hosts exclusive parties. The term Metaverse gained a ton of popularity in recent months. Snoop Dogg is also entirely to credit for Slim Shady’s entrance into the Metaverse.

At the conclusion of Snoop’s smoke-filled talk with Eminem on his iPhone, the two Super Bowl LVI performers had come to an agreement. A recent video was posted on Twitter by the West Coast legend’s son Cordell Broadus. Eminem can be heard in the video saying that’s “a crazy-ass idea.”

Story time with #ChampMedici. I saw Paul Rosenberg eating dinner at Barclays November 3rd 2021 and I didn’t hesitate to tell him to bring Em 2 this space, he wasn’t convinced / so I had my client @SnoopDogg call Em November 21st to convince him (here’s the phone call).

Im not bragging or making this about me it’s just a beautiful thing to see how time works and ideas are always on our side. Any go getters out there that may have to go through a journey of people fully not understanding ur vision…have faith & be patient.

Then Cordell explained in detail how he effectively made this Metaverse collaboration happen and advised his followers to never give up on their goals. The Snoop and Em Metaverse duet comes after the two collaborated on a brand-new song together called “From The D 2 LBC,” which was released following a temporary beef between the two.

In 2020, Slim Shady became irate when Uncle Snoop failed to mention him on his list of the Top 10 rappers. On the song “Zeus” from Music To Be Murdered By: Side B, Eminem showed his outrage. Take a look at “From The D 2 LBC” below.

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