Bam Margera gained a lot of hearts after his Jackass series. A few days ago, Bam caused concern among his admirers when he vanished from the rehab center. It’s fortunate that Bam was located in Florida, and now he is currently returning to rehab.

Bam has been located, and TMZ has reported that he will check into a new rehab center. Bam’s team said to the source that Bam was discovered on Monday in a Deerfield Beach, Florida, motel. Bam Margera left treatment because he was afraid that he wouldn’t see his son again if he stayed in rehab.

Margera’s mother and father were part of the crisis intervention team that arrived with the police. According to Bam’s side, Bam insisted on visiting his son despite being informed he needed to receive therapy first. Nicole Boyd’s agent Margera told the source that she is hopeful that Bam will go back to the Florida rehab facility where he has been receiving treatment this year in order to obtain the assistance he needs.

The “Jackass” actor’s completion of his program has the full support of Nikki and their 4-year-old kid, Phoenix. She is extremely concerned for his safety, despite having no idea where he is.

According to Bam’s camp, he left the LifeSkills residential facility once more because he was terrified he wouldn’t see Phoenix again. He was also concerned that while in recovery, he won’t have the opportunity to demonstrate that he is a decent father.

Even traveling from California to Florida to be near him, Nikki maintained her support for Bam, but she feels that she is being unfairly held responsible for his departure. Nikki is still being encouraging and hoping that Bam can go back to rehab and receive the care that he so urgently needs.

Bam is currently on the way to a new rehab facility that he voluntarily opted to enroll in. However, this action by Bam demonstrates a father’s affection for his little baby. What do you think about Bam escaping? Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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