Camille Vasquez was one of the many lawyers Johnny Depp hired in his trial against Amber Heard. In fact, she did such a good job that she helped Depp win his case against Heard. Vasquez did another huge deed recently as well.

As previously reported, Camille Vasquez was named partner at her law firm after the trial. According to TMZ, Vasquez is being hailed as “wonder woman” for helping out a man who suffered a medical emergency at 40,000 feet in the air.

As revealed by people on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York this week, Camille rushed to provide assistance to an elderly passenger who collapsed and hit his head mid-flight.

It was said the incident took place when the man in his 70s fell to the floor while walking past her and her bodyguard. When flight attendants asked for help, Vasquez and her bodyguard quickly made their way to the man.

Camille contacted her brother-in-law, a doctor, and he started guiding her through steps to determine whether the man was having a heart attack or brain bleed from the fall. Thankfully, a surgeon was on board and tended to the man after that.

One of the flight attendants told Camille she was “wonder woman” and gifted her 2 bottles, a Merlot and champagne. The plane turned back to LAX and then it landed, the man gained consciousness and EMTs came aboard and escorted him off the plane. Thanks to this incident, Vasquez’s stock has risen even more now.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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