Kenny Omega has been taking a hands-on approach to the development of AEW’s upcoming ‘Fight Forever’ video game. The Cleaner has been working with the team at Yukes to develop a product that gamers and wrestling fans alike will enjoy. Kenny recently gave a progress update, and things sound promising.

Omega pointed out that when he first started working on the game, he wasn’t sure about the limitations the team would face. Omega’s creative input was often challenged by his lack of understanding of the development process. Now that the game has reached a point where everybody knows how things will flow, it’s become much easier.

Fightful recently spoke with Kenny Omega about the game’s current progress. He said there is still plenty of work to do, but Yukes is working at a very strong pace. Omega could not confidently confirm it, but he hopes the game still meets its target release date before the end of the year.

“It’s really cool to see some of the stuff that we were worried might get left on the cutting room floor is now getting implemented, so it was a challenge to attempt to make a brand new wrestling game from the ground up during the Covid era – was very challenging and it got to the point where it seemed bleak like maybe we would never release this thing, but we kind of got past that.


We hopefully can be on schedule to make sure that we get this came out by this year hopefully, fingers crossed.”

AEW: Fight Forever is set to release later this year on all major consoles and PC. No specific date has been set. Kenny Omega believes that the team working on the game is on target and that players will be able to get their hands on the game before the end of 2022.

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