Jake Paul has called out several people including Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury for a long time now. The Problem Child even called Tyson Fury embarrassing for trying to convince him to face Tommy Fury. It seems Jake Paul is calling out Tommy once again

After keeping his spotless record by defeating Daniel Bocianski on points at Wembley Stadium, Tommy Fury issued a fresh challenge to Jake Paul. Obviously, Paul did not enjoy the victory at all. Jake reacted to Tommy’s win in an insulting manner and said that nobody is interested to watch his fight.

Jake recently took to Twitter to troll Tommy for pulling out of their fight again and again. He has accused Tommy’s dad of trying to pull him out of their fight again. Jake finally gave him an ultimatum of 24 hours to clear this up or he won’t ever give Tommy the opportunity again.

Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year. Then you agree to fight me now, but your dad is trying to pull you out again?

We’ve given you everything you asked for

$2M purse ✅
VADA testing ✅
Tampon’s ✅

You have 24 hours 2 clear this up or I will never give u this opportunity again

Tommy Fury also recently claimed that he will end Jake Paul’s boxing career once he is done with him. He also recently suggested that Jake Paul quit professional boxing and join the UFC. We will have to wait and see Tommy’s reaction to Jake’s call out post.

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