It appears everyone wants to be Drake. The Canadian rapper has seen a lot of success after dropping his album Certified Lover Boy. After transitioning from television to music, the rapper seems almost unstoppable at this point. Drake has seen it all, and now he’s seem his doppelgänger get booted out of a strip club.

Footage emerged over the weekend of promoter Chris Chizer asking security to give Izzy, better known as Fake Drake, the heave-ho out of the establishment. Not only did the clip go viral, but it also caught the attention of the real Drake, who gave the shared post a like. Check it out below:

While it appeared that Drake had no idea who this fake Drake was, it might’ve all been staged. The fake Drake, otherwise known as Izzy Drake, went on Instagram Live, explaining the situation and claiming it was a plan to help promote Drake’s new album, Honestly, Nevermind.

While none of this has been confirmed, Izzy did take the time to convince everyone on social media. If it’s sus to you, then you’re not the only one, but Izzy is sticking to this story. The real Drake seemed to enjoy this, because he smashed like on the video.

Drake announced his new album, Honestly, Nevermind on June 16th and released it a day later. He also announced a poetry book with frequent writing collaborator Kenza Samir. As for what Drake will do next, fans will just have to wait and see.

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