Jeff Hardy’s history of substance abuse has been well documented. It’s something that has hindered his career when he was in WWE, and it’s the same story all over at AEW. Fans hoped for the best as the veteran superstar turned a new leaf over in his career.

Hardy was arrested on Monday. He was driving under the influence, and the breathalyzer test revealed that he was drunk three times over the legal limit. While fans considered whether it’s the end of the road for his career as a pro-wrestler, the AEW management tried to find the best course ahead for him. (

Tony Khan released a statement about Hardy’s arrested, and future plans for him. Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live that Tony Khan thought about firing the former WWE superstar if he decided to make the wrong choice ahead.

I think when this news first came out, there were not cooler heads, and then cooler heads prevailed, and then Tony decided “Okay well, you know, this is my idea, but obviously you gotta run it by Jeff, you know, are you willing to consider rehab?” Cuz I think if Jeff said no, they’d just fire him. I mean I don’t know that for sure but, it seems to be something they discussed together.


Jeff Hardy was arrested for the third time in the last ten years for DUI. Not being on the AEW roster would not be the worst thing for him, if he’s found guilty, which would mean that he could face some serious jail time.

Hardy was set to face his brother Matt Hardy on Wednesday at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. With his arrest in light, the we are sending out our best to him

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