Khloe Kardashian first came to know Kanye West as her sister Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. Khloe was very happy when Kanye proposed to Kim in front of family and friends. It seems she’s still on Ye’s team.

Everything seemed as well as it could be for Kim and Kanye, but the war began when Kim decided to divorce the rapper. Some fans think that Khloe is secretly supporting Kanye amid their divorce.

The Sun reports that there’s a rule that the entire Keeping Up with The Kardashian clan follows: Family sticks together. That being said, Khloe seems to defy that rule, she has been secretly supporting Kanye which has shocked fans who know how Kim has suffered after the divorce.

Kanye slammed Kim on social media by writing a song that threatened her boyfriend Pete Davidson. Kardashian fans came to notice that Khloe defied Kim and supported West. The secret support clues were found in pictures that showed Khloe proudly rocking Kanye’s Adidas merchandise.

Fans responded to the photo quickly, for instance, one asked “Why is Khloe wearing Yeezys? Kinda strange given Kim’s relationship with Kanye, no?” But some came up with some theories. For example, another commentator pointed out that West’s children likely will take over the brand as adults. “Because she knows the West kids will own the yeezy brand when they get older so she supports it,” added the fan.

Khloe has hinted that she will always support Kanye and she once referred to West as her “brother for life.” She also added, “Have the best birthday Ye! Sending you love and endless blessings!!”

Khloe has shown her support for Kanye in many other ways. Once, in a fitness video, she played one of West’s songs as she exercised. The lyrics she chose also hinted that she wished for the divorce wars to end. “Let’s pray we can put this behind us,” say the lyrics. And the finishing verse notes, “I swear that these times is the wildest.”

We will have to see what happens next, but no amount of support from Khloe Kardashian is likely going to cause Kim to leave Pete Davidson for Ye.

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