Lizzo, like the rest of the world, needs to log off of social media from time to time to safeguard her mental health. You can however always count on the 34-year-old to come back with a bang, as she did recently. Lizzo is making her presence felt on Instagram.

The “Truth Hurts” singer returned to her Instagram page evening with a cheeky video of her practicing her dives in the pool. She did not shy away from flaunting her bodacious behind in a blue and white tie-dye swimsuit. She addressed her absence from posting for nearly a week in the caption.

Hi… I needed some time. How are you?

Lizzo returned a few hours later with a photo dump and some words to illustrate how she’s been feeling lately. “We are in wild times and I don’t know how to express it, or what to do about it… All I know is I’m gonna try to be part of positive change on this planet. People are precious and deserve to be protected. Take care of yourselves today. Love you.

The Detroit native began her most recent upload with a panoramic video of the gorgeous mountain landscapes surrounding her. Following that, we see a video of Lizzo standing in the pool with a man who could be her lover standing nearby, followed by a booty-shaking video. Check out the posts below.

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Gunjan Nath

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