JT handled her wardrobe malfunction on stage at the Billboard Music Awards like a pro. However, she wasn’t able to shrug off some cruel internet comments with the same grace. JT has now clapped back at her hater.

JT appears to have been taken off guard by the first tweet, which reads, “I noticed she always doing dark skin Black girls. She insecure, ugly, and mean.” Despite the fact that she didn’t quote the post, the City Girl took the time to take apart a photo from her hater’s own page.

WOODY, I’m not gone even @ you. Keep my name off your Twitter. The only thing that’s stressing and depressing is your big ass dressed like a Toy Story character.

JT literally fried her hater. She claimed that she’s she’s dark skinned too but her hater started this Black on Black crime. She concluded saying that calling her ugly in 2022 is insane.

JT put the final nail in the coffin stating that hoes be lying through their missing side tooth. When fans questioned why she was being so mean online so early in the morning, she said that she was now in China and that the hour was much later. Check out her Twitter rant below.

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Gunjan Nath

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