Ludacris provided fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what other actors do on set during their leisure while filming Fast X. On Thursday, he put co-star Tyrese on blast by revealing him smoking hookah in between scenes while chilling out.

The rapper was caught on camera jokingly confronting his co-star Tyrese Gibson about his hookah addiction. He wrote in the video’s caption, “You ever wonder how actors get into character? Just when I thought I’d seen it ALL.”

Tyrese was seen in the video holding a hookah. “Behind the Scenes, Fast 10.” Ludacris says, “This is a first ladies and gentlemen, I can’t make this s**t up. My brother has his own personal hookah bar in between scenes. Who in the f**k does that?”

Tyrese chuckles and says he doesn’t own the hookah, “I was just holding it.” Luda says, refusing to be swayed, “Nah bro, that ain’t gonna fly.”

Tyrese’s antics have certainly captivated Luda. In befuddlement, he repeats himself- “Who the f**k has their own hookah bar? What do you have to say for yourself bro?” Tyrese maintains his stance: “This is not even mine. I was just holding this s**t.” When it appears that they were being called back to set, their conversation is cut abruptly.

It’s nice to see that some folks are enjoying themselves on the Fast X set. Take a look at the video below.

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Smita Singha Roy

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