WWE has a certain number of things they are looking for in a Superstar. One thing that really helps is to not have anyone against you getting a job in the first place.

Rene Dupree didn’t forget how Shawn Michaels once complained to John Laurinaitis and it cost someone a job. The complaint was regarding infringement of one of his trademark taunts.

Ricky Banderas, also known as Mil Muertes, competed against Dupree in an untelevised encounter and the Puerto Rican showed something similar to the DX crotch chop. Though Rick said that it was unintentional, the action was similar to D-Generation X’s crotch chop and HBK noticed.

Dupree shared on his Cafe de Rene podcast, “He [Michaels] went straight to John Laurinaitis and said, ‘Get this guy out of here.’ As soon as he got to the back, John lectured him and said, ‘Did you do the DX crotch gimmick?’ The guy’s like, ‘What the f*ck you talking about? I just fired up.’ He watched the tape back and then John pointed out that he did it, told him to get his bags, and get the f*** out of the building, ” he also revealed that WWE Head of Talent Relations refused to hire Banderas after Michael’s complaint.

Dupree advised Banderas to use only basic wrestling moves as it was a trial match. WWE’s Head of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, has always informed superstars about their releases from the company, he also greatly decides which wrestlers WWE hires in the future.

Dupree further elaborated on how he felt about Laurinaitis’ decision not to sign his opponent and said, “I felt so bad because this Banderas guy told me he just had a baby and he’d really like to have this job because he can make some money to take care of his family,” Dupree added. “It’s like, ‘Wow, f*ck. What a cold-hearted business.’” 

Banderas has used many names throughout his career, some of which are El Mesias and Judas Mesias, and his name was King Muertes in MLW since 2001. If you’re wondering why he never arrived in WWE, then now you have an answer.

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