Kylie Jenner is an internet phenomenon, with her followers adoring her many appearances and looks. Jenner tends to be fairly conservative when it comes to her makeup preferences, but there’s always an exception. Kylie Jenner recently shared a video in which she tried to hold back her laughter while beauty artist Ariel smudges heavy eyeshadow on her nose.

When Kylie Jenner’s longtime makeup artist Ariel Tejada smeared black eyeshadow on her nose, she couldn’t stop laughing. The 24-year-old Cosmetics entrepreneur was seen in a white bathrobe while applying silver glitter on top of her dark grey eyeshadow in a series of videos she published on her Instagram Story.

Kylie appeared in a lovely brown dress when she finished her makeup. Her makeup was being touched up, but everything went to crap at the same time. Kylie remarked a smile on her face and a hand over her mouth to keep from giggling.

“I had the sickest smoky eye and Ariel is just f*cking it up.”

As The Kardashians founder smirked and pursed her lips, Ariel insisted on laughing. Hairstylist Jesus Guerrero subsequently came to Ariel’s defense, as he was seen stating off camera.

“First, of all, you told me you wanted really messy makeup today. You did!”

“Yeah, you said use your finger like this.”

“You see?”

The model ran her fingers through her hair and struck a couple of breathtaking poses in the following clips, all while giving the camera a sensual look. Kylie is quite self-conscious about her appearance. She giggled her way out of the situation this time. But it would have been even worse if she had reacted. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more developments.

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