50 Cent has seen dedications in music and on people’s skin for years. That doesn’t mean they are all of the highest quality.

African artist Show Yoh recently got some ink to honor Fifty. It’s the thought that counts in this instance, because the end result did not meet the standards that anyone would judge a tattoo by.

Show Yoh included this photo and probably didn’t expect that it would make its way around the globe. He also probably didn’t anticipate that so many people would drag the new piece that he had permanently chiseled into his back. His caption was a much fitting tribute than the actual ink he was showing off.

Celebrate ur role models and Show them true love, so that you can also be Celebrate too in future!💙🤍❤🇺🇸
Showing true love to my father @50cent❣
My mentor in the music world

Not every tribute track can be a winner and that same goes for tattoos. Now one African tattoo artist is probably wishing that he kept his work off the internet, because a huge tattoo of 50 Cent went viral for the wrong reasons. Show Yoh probably regrets it a bit too.

This portrait tattoo of 50 Cent wasn’t just bad, but it is also massive. Its canvas consists of some poor subject’s entire back. Now the internet is having a field day with this botched Fif tribute. We’re not going to make any jokes about the tattoo, because plenty have already been made. We only hope that he didn’t pay more than 50 cents for the artwork. You can check it out below.

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