Bill Nye the Science Guy explains the basic concepts of science in a humorous manner to help young children understand them better. He was in so many of our childhoods. Now the Science Guy has been recently accused of “selling out” to Coca-Cola.

According to a climate change reporter, Bill Nye the Science Guy has been accused of “selling out” to Coca-Cola. He was blamed for “greenwashing” the company’s terrible track record of dumping plastic. According to the tech news site Gizmodo, the host of popular science-themed television shows such as “Bill Nye The Science Guy,” is teaming up with the Atlanta-based soft drink giant to promote the company’s “world without waste” campaign.

Nye appears as a puppet-like character with a plastic bottle head in a film titled “The Coca-Cola Company and Bill Nye Demystify Recycling.” The famous Coca-Cola logo appears on his distinctive bow tie. Nye explained the dedication from Coca-Cola people in the promotional video.

the good people at the Coca-Cola Company are dedicating themselves to addressing our global plastic waste problem. If we can recover and recycle plastic, we can not only keep it from becoming trash, but we can use that plastic again and again — it’s an amazing material. What’s more, when we use recycled material, we also reduce our carbon footprint. What’s not to love?

He then goes into great depth regarding the company’s aspirations to make bottles for its drinks out of mostly recycled materials, as well as its dedication to environmental cleanup. Molly Taft, the Gizmodo reporter, slammed “Shill Nye the Plastic Guy” for teaming with Coca-Cola, which has been labelled one of the most polluting brands in the world by multiple different audits. Check out the video below.

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